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ZARRIN TRADING  GROUP, provides various commercial services including customs clearance, export and import to and from international creditable foreign companies, the main aim of our trading company is expansion of trade and progress in the field of commerce and economy.
Centralized management, expertise and experience, strong communication, intelligence capabilities using the latest rules and regulations of trade and customs and also utilizing the expertise of the banking industry experts, insurance, transportation, and commercial rights ,has enabled our company to cover any commercial operations efficiently and in the shortest possible time.
One of the strengths of this collection is gathering of highly experienced staff in all aspects of foreign trade. Foreign trade is similar to a chain in which the efforts of this group has turned it to one of the unique one and enabled our company to connect all the hoops of foreign trade chain together in a cohesive way.
The secret of success of ZARRIN TRADING group is, speed, accuracy and integrity in all operations and provides the most appropriate strategy to protect the economic interests of our honorable customers
“Our strategy is market internationalization, business diversification, and industrial development of foreign trade.”
In order to reach our goal we have learned to utilize the most up to date and most recent techniques.
Our goal is to serve the merchants, manufacturers, importers and exporters, to develop international trade and industry of Iran and therefore: Our ultimate goal is to honor and progress our dear homeland of Iran.


- Find and share reputable sellers and manufacturers

- Preparing and presenting complete information of goods and presenting them to you.

- Inspection and quality control during production and transport prior to loading and shipment of commodities

- Planning for the end product to various destinations within and outside of Iran and China

- Creating suitable conditions for participation in productive projects and joint ventures with foreign partners(Joint venture projects)

- Providing consulting services in design, installation of machineries  and factories

- Provide technical support and warranty

-And to help industry owners and respectable merchants reach their goals and eliminate all the commercial and industrial concerns

Company Policy:

ZARRIN TRADING  group is an International Collection of Business Services, a leading provider of various services in the field of export and import of any goods to its customers. These services include international marketing, concluding international contracts with foreign customers consistent with international law, international transport , customs clearance and delivery of goods to customers from all customs ,opening (LC),order  Registration in ministry of commerce

ZARRIN TRADING  group possesses highly qualified and experienced staff, in all required expertise in import and export business of permitted commercial commodities. The Countries with them we continually and long lasting  do  business ,include China, India, Malaysia, South East Asian countries, Arabic countries and areas Persian Gulf, South Africa and European countries such as Austria and Germany, Spain and many other countries .

In the field of export we are active in exporting of cumin and its essence, also other herbal ingredients such as apple and tarragon, herbal medicines, food stuff as well as dried fruit to European and Asian and African countries

ZARRIN TRADING group imports lots of products, such as raw materials and machineries for factories in Mashhad and Tehran, as well as products which are exported to many countries. Similarly, imports of construction materials and installations for heating and cooling for 5-star hotels and major commercial centers in Mashhad and Tehran.

As noted above, one of the hundreds of services we provide for our customers is Clearance of commodities. Clearance is a highly specialized and complex procedure so, without having sufficient knowledge and experience in the field of current laws and regulations, import and export formalities may be done as hard and as late. Lack of familiarity with the customs clearance process may even lead to an unnecessary waste of time and money.

ZARRIN TRADING  group is one of the most active and reputable collection of service providers in the field of customs clearance from Iran’s customs and has been able during the years of non-stop and continual activity, undertake the clearance of goods and  offering commercial consultancy to a number of most reputable  commercial and industrial companies in east of country and the vast Khorasan Razavi province and especially the holly city of Mashhad.



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